Asimetri pada Flypaper Effect: Bukti Empiris Pemanfaatan Dana Alokasi Umum pada Pemerintah Daerah di Indonesia

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The main objective of this research is to provide empirical proof of occurrence of asymmetries in the flypaper effect for the Indonesian Municipalities. The flypaper effect, when an unconditional lump-sum grant to a municipal government increases spending in a greater proportion than an equivalent raise in municipal revenue. Using a panel of data on Indonesian municipalities covering the period 2000-2010, we also clear evidence of there is asymmetrical reactions. More precisely, the results suggest the presence of a fiscal replacement type of asymmetry: when grants grow, municipalities spend most of the additional revenue. Furthermore, when grants fall, spending is unaffected and municipalities compensate the loss through additional taxation.


Asymmetries, flypaper effect, grant, tax

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