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The uses of internet in business are for information exchange, product catalog, promotion media, electronic mail, bulletin boards, electronic questioner, and mailing list. Internet can also be used for dialog, discussion, and consultation with customer online, therefore consumer can be proactively and interactively involved in designing, developing, marketing, and selling products. There are 2 methods for marketing products via internet, which are push and pull marketing. The advantages of internet in business strategy are global and interactive communication, information supply; consumer based service; increased cooperation; possibility to open new marketplace, product or services; and integrated the activity on-line. There are 2 applications in electronic commerce, which are business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce. Electronic commerce payment transaction is arranged by Electronic Funds Transfer system, whereas the data security is governed by Secure Socket Layer, which then be developed to Secure Electronic Transaction.

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Internet dalam bisnis digunakan untuk pertukaran informasi, katalog produk, media promosi, surat elektronik, bulletin boards, kuesioner elektronik, dan mailing list. Internet juga bisa digunakan untuk berdialog, berdiskusi, dan konsultasi dengan konsumen secara on-line, sehingga konsumen dapat dilibatkan secara proaktif dan interaktif dalam perancangan, pengembangan, pemasaran, dan penjualan produk. Pemasaran lewat internet ada 2 metode, yaitu push dan pull marketing. Keunggulan strategi bisnis yang dapat diperoleh dari internet adalah komunikasi global dan interaktif; menyediakan informasi dan pelayanan sesuai dengan kebutuhan konsumen; meningkatkan kerja sama; memungkinkan untuk membuka pasar, produk, atau pelayanan baru; serta mengintegrasikan aktivitas secara on-line. Aplikasi Electronic Commerce ada 2, yaitu: Business-to-Consumer dan Business-to-Business Commerce. Pembayaran transaksi electronic commerce diatur dalam Sistem Electronic Funds Transfer, sedangkan keamanan datanya diatur oleh Secure Socket Layer yang dikembangkan menjadi Secure Electronic Transaction.

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internet, electronic commerce, business

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